I’m an Eco-Foodie Don’t’cha Know?…

You can truly do anything with this recipe, if you like shellfish add some chopped prawns, if you like some heat throw in some minced chilli, and if your not keen on fish, pop in some bacon or shredded chicken, EVEN IF YOUR A VEGGIE just add more veg and a sprinkling of black pepper and you can customise this recipe to your own tastes and leftovers! hope you enjoy guys! let me know if you try it...

I Think I’m Going To Die…

Luckily, no visible Bruises or Scratches just a sore cheek! 😦

How To Give Yourself A Hernia!!

Seriously, the effort I put into this STRESSED me out!! haha

I’m Truly Stunned…

Pick a Faith Any Faith…


Sometimes mental health induced sleep deprivation can be a good thing... :


Hey Ho!! Sorry for the delay in new content, got my first day of the driving course today!! fingers crossed for me everyone, lets hope I don’t run down another hedge!! haha Will update y’all later on tonight 🙂 x L.J

i like my drinks dirrrrty!

Make your own version at home, you can add lime for a typical amaretto sour, or add a shot of sour cherry schnapps for a cheeky version that tastes just like bakewell tart!! I love Amaretto with Dr. Pepper too! enjoy folks! x


Hello everyone, Ive recieved a few negative comments this week, which although I allowed them to be upgraded from spam (only so I could offer both sides of criticism on my blog) I found quite hard to cope with. So out I went and this week I can cross something off my list!!! WOO HOO. Yesterday I had my assessment lesson with a new driving instructor.

Two hours of painful stalling, bumping curbs and crashing into hedges later, I can now drive to and from my hometown like a normal human being.

I must admit it was really weird at first, I haven’t driven for about 5 years (since before I went to University) and my bad habits shone through as soon as I got into the car. I was shaking violently and panicking so much I’m surprised I managed to put my foot on the accelerator let alone drive it bonnet first into an innocent neighbours hedgerow! (Sorry Jerry!) after the first 20 minutes and with gentle coaxing from my new instructor Wolverine, who by the way oddly is Irish and quite the pussycat, I was driving like a normal human being.

This got me to thinking. I’ve never really thought that I wanted to drive as much as i did when i was in that car yesterday, the feeling of freedom and the sense that I was controllign my own actions was in actual fact quite overwhelming.

…And now the fact that i can cross something off my list is insane and I really feel positive about this next year.

So to all the haters of the blog, and people who think that i’m creating a worthless piece of fluff, stick that in your pipe and smoke it, because I achieved something today, it may be small and insignificant to you but to me it means the world! Peace out Mother Truckers!

Cheers for Reading, L.J x

THE TRANSFORMATION OF EVE – click on the image if it’s not changing :)

The new 8ft by 5ft canvas that will be hanging in my room by the time ive painted it!I literally cannot wait to get some money and start painting this bad boy! I promised you all I would show you it when it was finished, and I edited it to sort of show how it will look once its painted! This canvas is going to be insane, almost like wallpaper it's going to be so big! It's based around the Adam Isaac Jackson/Mike Giant/1940s/retro tattoos style. Give it a few seconds and just sit and watch this one you will see the progression of the drawing which I am hereby naming "The Transformation of Eve". Hope you enjoy it L.J x P.S can YOU notice where her face changes from innocent to whore in a matter of seconds/pencil strokes 😉 whoopsie!

Get your tissues, Glasses of Wine, Boxes of Chocolates AND SOMEONE GET ME A VODKA!!!

I'm not a sniveling wreck ...... I PROMISE....

Proverbial Doughnuts and Everything…

Yes, that's really my face right there...mmm icing!

Is there anyone out there?

Do you think it's too much to ask for specific interior detailings??

Goodnight Sweetheart, Now it’s time to go…BuhBuhBuhBoom…

Just another Sleep deprived evening with L.J Ho Hum!

Ho Hum, Tweedelee Dum… Apologies first…

ImageWell hello everyone, first of all I just want to say a quite sorry for my delay as of late.  Ive been working on some new works inspired by my illustrator HERO Adam Isaac Jackson.  This is the piece of work ^^ that is causing me all this pain, its taking forever to complete I’ve got some serious editing to do to it once its drawn but thought i would give you all a little updateo!

Adam Isaac Jackson has been an idol of mine for years, ever since my G.C.S.E textiles days, it was him that shaped my style of design and my love for anything monochrome!  Alot of people like to argue that Adam copies this guy called Mike Giant who is also a fine procurer of this style of art.  Personally I’m in love with Adam’s pictures, and this one above here is my homage to him, its for an 8ft by 5ft canvas going in my bedroom its going to be epic, andddd it’s going to take forever but It makes for another entry to the Bucket List, “Make my bedroom a sanctuary – and it better be perfect” and “Complete an actual piece of art”.

Anyways again apologies for the lack of posty posts but I hope this little insight into me helps you to mourn the absence.

Muchos Love, L.J x


(P.S This image is copyrighted to me, If you want to use it for any reason please just ask first thats all I ask)


Hello Everyone quick Bucket List update for you all, upon reflection during an awesome night with Batman this evening I have some new entries to make to the Bucket List, New Proper Blog Post to come tomorrow though so keep your eyes peeled for that too.


– To teach myself how to draw properly! (another regular updating me feels!)
– To try to learn a language. (preferably italian or spanish)
– Get at least a small tattoo!! (and stop being a big wimp!)
– Learn to walk in heels.


Now I will be blogging about this further next week BUTT I thought I would update everyone, The exercising isn’t going too bad, Zumba is killing me, and the walks are still tough as always but the ankle injury has definitely got better, so gotta step it up a notch this week!

LOVELIFE (oh christ this is deffo on the next weeks agenda)
I only went and joined a flipping Dating Site!! what am I like!, But as I have already stated on the Bucket List, I do want to go on more dates, so fingers crossed I don’t meet a nutter and possibly meet a good guy, need a prince to come along before that dastardly apocalypse, need someone to pull me from the global warming caused wreckage eh?

Anyhoo this was just supposed to be a ‘quickPress’ haha!
Blog Ya Soon!

L.J x

Nothing like a nice bit of goo.. ;)

Just the thing to put on Ice Cream, Cake, Biscuits, a Man Friend?? 😉

Hmmmmm…I should lay off The Late Night Cheese!

The things we think about!

Mr.Birdy – FLY AWAY HOME!!