I honestly hope they’re out there…

As a passionate Sci-fi writer [I’m writing my first book at this very moment] I have always thought that ‘Aliens’ are a very real concept…

E.T Terrified me as a child, you wanna know why? because I honestly believed that there were people who weren’t people.  You know how when you were a child, that funky smelling Granny round the corner always used to double flick her alien eyelids at you, and the janitor at school definatly had a lizard tongue!

Aliens and U.F.Os, are for alot of people just an idea, fabricated by Hollywood to incite fear and kill off actual suspicion.  I mean honestly think about it, when you saw Alien vs. Predator did it make you think “OH WOW THIS IS REALLY REAL I WILL BE EATEN BY ALIENS TOMORROW” or on the more sensible hand, did you think “AWESOME GRAPHICS, I HOPE THEY DON’T MAKE ANOTHER ONE”?? Be honest, Hollywood and the powers at be have made it so that Aliens and other life forms other then the mighty mighty humans,  have a ginormous shadow of doubt hanging over them.

I sat today, as I do when brainstorming for my book, researching and trawling Google, and I came across fascinating finds, but every time there was this little niggling doubt in my stomach, every word I read, every picture I viewed, every video I watched I couldn’t help but think…these people all sound crazy, and that’s awful I WANT TO BELIEVE THEM!  I want to be swept away by this idea that we are not alone, but again there goes that little niggling feeling…”aren’t we?”

AND THIS IS WHAT PROVED IT TO ME, ALIENS ARE REAL, THEY WALK AMONG US, because I am convinced that they are the ones who tell us that they’re fake! It’s an ingeniuns plan if you think about it, convince a planet you’re not real then living all around them merrily minding your own business, then one day BABOOOM Aliens take over the world!

Keep an eye out for them Grannies!!

L.J x


4 thoughts on “I honestly hope they’re out there…

  1. Hmmm…that IS an ingenious plan. But I doubt that we–the folks who are destroying our own planet–are desirable to aliens in any way. I’ll bet there’s a biiiiiiiiiiig line of yellow caution tape surrounding our universe right now.

    The aliens are saying: Keep away! Humans are crazy! We’ll come back for the fish after the humans go extinct.

    Or something like that. My family discusses this regularly as we are SF nuts. Just attended a con last month and we belong to a monthly SF book group.

    • thats awesome, I’ll be sure to send YOU my first draft of my sci fi novel then, get you to check it out for me 🙂 don’t worry its a long way off yet 🙂

      I agree if they are not already here, then they are definatly watching from above going….INVADE? well how about hell no they are doing a good enough job themselves!! 😛

  2. Im so glad to hear someone else was TERRIFIED of ET as a child!! He haunted me for so long (Until recently!) – people thought I was bonkers as apparently he is ‘so cute’!!!

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