All the artwork used on my blog unless stated otherwise, is usually the make up of images I’ve found lying around the internet.  Generally i find them copy and paste them, mess them up a bit in PaintShopPro and from there I create my posts, consider this page a little bibliography, a place for me to recognise the work of others (I wouldn’t use their work if I didn’t think it was awesome!) so you can check them out too and show them some love, just like you’ve shown me!

Check out their websites, profiles, twitters WHATEVERRRR! just get involved 😛

Post No.1
– The cat is a photograph by Andy Prokh –
– The background is from a great Tumblr for florals –
– Everything else is moi! x

Post No.2
– The Birds were found on a search on, Search: Birds Singing Drawing
– If you have the copyright over them, please drop me your name I’ll add it to the page. 🙂

Post No.3
– Robots by Karl Addison, searched and found on!
– Background is a fabric found on –

Post No.4
– ‘The Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich Heist’ by Philip Tseng –

Okay getting a tad mixed up now whoopsie!! haha

Basically I search for all my images on google, if you look through as an owner of any work I have used and would like recognition for the image then please do not hesitate to email me with your details and I will post them here, website email etc etc! If I use your image its because I respect your Artwork and where ever I possibly remember I will still post when I get images from SPECIFIC websites and not just google images! muchos love!!

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