1. To Learn how to make Ice Cream, at home, in my freezer.

2. To Get a decently paid job.

3. To learn to drive.

4. To move out of my parent’s house.

5. To be the BEST new Auntie L.J ever!

6. To document the oncoming year.

7. To ‘date’ people…
(you’ll soon see the picture of my lovelife a.k.a Superman!)

8. To battle the evil Dr. Depression!!
(wish it was as simple as defeating the Mario Boss Levels!)

9. To have a night out in London!!!

10. To get a puppy.

11. Attend the Womad 30th Anniversary. [BOOKED,PREPPED,READY]

12. To spend my birthday DOING SOMETHING. [All booked in and planned]

13. To bake the best Banana Bread.

14. To lose weight…
(start: size 30 finish: size 18)

15. To see my cousin get married…In Minnesota :S. [+£200 -£348]

16. To find my favourite cocktail.

17. To FINALLY perm my hair/get a weave [thin hair is not the one!]

18. To help Batman get to Uni/encourage his new ventures.
(Read ‘ABOUT’ section if this confuses you!)

19. To write a journal, at least once a week. [my blog has become my journal funny that]

20. To attempt to give up smoking…*cough*. [2 months smoke free, back on the wagon I TRIED :(…]

21. To kiss a handsome prince.

22. To Skype The Thing more.

23. To start my collection of…
a) Female superhero Comics.
b) 19th Century Children’s Books.

24. To have Breakfast at tiffany’s.

25. To go to Hamley’s and be a big kid for an hour.

26. Go to more restaurants.

27. Learn to walk in my ;] ;] ‘Dinner Shoes’…

28. Learn the Beyoncé – “Love On Top” entire dance routine.

29. Teach myself how to draw better! [batman’s a douchebag.]

30. To make 1,000 Paper Cranes. [458 and counting]

31. To attend Goldie Reed’s Single Launch.

32. Get a small tattoo. [Stop being a wimp about it.]

33. Try to learn some form of language. [Possibly Italian or Spanish?! who knows]

34. Make my bedroom into a Sanctuary. [All newly redecorated creams and whites]

35. Create an actual piece of Art!

36. To pass my Driving Test!

NEW ADDITIONS FOR 2013 onwards…

37. To complete my half sleeve.

38. To pass my driving test. [failed 3 times so far]

39. To finish my book [6 months to go til deadline time and i’m super stuck]

40. To travel to at least 1 new country. [Ticked Amsterdam off my list this year]

41. To find Storm a husband.

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