A New Kidd of Addiction…

There’s not many occasions, where I can say that I have been physically, mentally, extra-terrestrially and completely intoxicated by a single human being as much as I am by Vince Kidd.

BEWARE: This Post includes explicit language in beautiful melodies and an inordinate amount of heart pulsing admiration!

At the beautiful age of just 22, Vince Kidd is phenomenal.  Having heard his track ‘Sick Love’ before the premiere of The Voice UK (sadly I had heard it, loved it, just didn’t know who sang it!) I fell in love with his voice first!  His voice is like treacle, black treacle, that drips over barbed wire!  It’s truly a sound to be heard during a thunderstorm, the way his voice licks and curls and melts over his gritted teeth and pouting lips, truly makes me want to hear him, again, and again, and again and again and AGAIN!

When he popped up into my stratosphere again, I was sat on my sofa watching The Voice UK with the fam-a-lam.  Snacking on Hoummus and sipping my OJ and Lemonade (I’m a rockstar don’t kid yourselves!!)  I recognised his voice but it didn’t click in my head that this guy, full of swag and bags of attitude with ripped denim adorning his shoulders and golden spikes defending his fists, was the same guy I had heard days before on my acoustic tour of YouTube.

As Vince went through the blind auditions the ball still hadn’t dropped, although his voice had made it absent mindedly onto my iPod I still had not fitted the two together.  When the battle rounds came on The Voice UK, I heard something in his voice.  I heard this little lick whilst he was singing ‘We Found Love’ noted as one of my upbeat meditation tracks of the moment, It was like a Tsunami hit the back of my head.

My mind raced back as they showed a clip of his blind audition and it hit me, again!!

(see what I did there)

I grabbed my iPod, yes!!! I had heard his rendition of Like a Virgin before, It was him!  The guy who had been luting me to sleep, helping me shout at my ex, encouraged me when partying with the gyals…


Then something magical happened.  This week, Mr.Kidd, my only strand holding me onto #TeamJessie, sang an Elvis song.  I (I won’t use hate) strongly dislike the music of Elvis.  I’ve never really been able to appreciate his music and I’ve never had any inclanation to listen to more than a second of any one of his tracks.  Until Vince brought me into his world and with his incredible voice, truly unique look and amazing talent, vince made me not only enjoy but revel in an Elvis song!

This is an interview with Vince that I felt was the most honest and refreshing interview in a long time, he truly has a class and an enormous deal of respect for his career which is evident in this interview…


So, now I’ve developed this love, this burning love for Vince I have scoured the internet to find all I can for you beautiful people, I want you to find your favourite part of Kidd and revel in his talent like I do.  His voice and attitude are truly something new which is difficult to say in this day and age.  His style may be retro but his being is totally fresh and I wish him all the best of luck in the world.  I hope he wins The Voice UK, but if he doesn’t I hope some big shot music exec pulls their finger out and realises what a talent Kidd truly is, he deserves the world and more!

I shall leave you with one final video and a quote from the man himself.  When I say Kidd has attitude, I don’t mean it in the chain swinging, teeth grilling, pimp out ya granny  kind of way.  I mean attitude as is a fresh way of thinking, a positive attitude that has been lost for a long time in his industry, an attitude I hope and pray he can spread from here to the edge of existence…

“Because I’ve got a very distinctive look, I often get judged for it. But I’m not changing for anyone.”


Happy Blogging, Cheers for Reading…

L.J.Simms x 

The Truth is out there, Secret Service is really The Ministry of Magic…

WELL BUGGAR ME…It turns out that J.K.Rowling was the paperback version of wikileaks!  As I was surfing the net today I found this intrigueing article which suggest that the Ministry of Magic is real, not only that potter fans, but the dark arts are here as well!

I was casually surfing the news net as I do on friday afternoons and I came across an item that stopped me dead in my tracks.  First of all the tragic nature of the article but also the extraordinary content of the article itself.  [found here

I have been a Harry Potter fan since I was first given one of the books in about 2003-04ish.  The experience of reading Harry Potter, is one I shall treasure for many years, and hopefully one day pass onto any future generations of Simms’.  There was never a moment that went by where I didn’t wish to one day find out the veil between the muggle and wizarding world would shatter and I would be chosen to go to Hogwarts on an exchange program.  The beautiful imagery by Queen Rowling made that fantasy so easy growing up, waiting for that next book like a window into this secret world that could oh so possibly be possibly maybe real…possibly….maybe?  Well it seems the fantasy and ‘magic’ may have been lost from that dream of mine after stumbling upon this tragic article on the BBC news website…

Today on 30th March 2012 [I’m aware very close to April fool’s day, so if this turns out to be a prank I FOUND IT FIRST] I read this article which stated…

“An MI6 officer whose body was found in a holdall may have been killed by an agent “specialising in the dark arts of the secret services”, a court heard.”

[ cited: here ]

The victim, Gareth Williams was found in horrific circumstances at the age of 31.  His body was found inside a locked holdall, yet strangely there was no evidence, DNA or otherwise to suggest that someone had locked him into it, which has raised suspicions as to how the victim came to be there in the first place.  The whole story is strange after stranger, there was no evidence at Gareth’s apartment in Pinlico, London, no evidence what so ever of Gareth’s existence in the apartment he resided in alone.

It has been suggested that evidence may have been removed by a seriously intelligent person/group of people, including a statement from laywer Anthony O’toole that suggests something entirely unexpected may have been at the root of the investigation…

He said: “The impression of the family is that the unknown third party was a member of some agency specialising in the dark arts of the secret services – or evidence has been removed post-mortem by experts in the dark arts.”. . .

Does this prove a possible link between our government and a higher one?  Are we truly being taken for utter mug(gle)s?

I have an opinion on politics that may not sit lightly with many people, and if I did live in America I would probably be silenced very quickly.  I don’t get involved in political protest, I don’t even vote.  [I can hear the crowd with pitchforks and the boo’s already!]  I feel it would be hypocritical of myself, to vote for any system that I do not believe in or respect.  I find government to be based on false promises and a bed of conceated lies.  I think the world leaders are entirely out of touch with the true nature of their people, and I think there is more than a small amount of information that is kept from the populations of every country on this planet.

I do believe in conspiracy theories.

And I do still get shocked when articles like this one arise from the ashes and are kept tucked into the back alley’s of our news feeds, left to trend on twitter and fizzle out in an ever moving society.  This gentleman worked for MI6, CIA-esque bullsh*t in my opinion.  His killer has still not been found.  Does he not deserve justice?  Does he not deserve Rest.In.Peace above his head instead of Unknown.Killer?

It’s articles like this that encourage me to stay behind the bright lights, in the shadows…because I have no idea what goes on in the world of the well lit.  it’s almost like there are 2 worlds, both real but only one realistic, the other is a dream world played by men [and women] who maybe watched a few too many Bond films as kids…

My condolences go out to Gareth’s family if your out there and I put it to you…are we really muggles?  Is there a Ministry of Magic, and do we really know what is going on on this planet, or should we just Keep Calm and Carry on?

Personally, I have the tin foil hats ready for the invasion, the concrete underground bunker for the zombies, My fake death eater stick on tattoo for when Voldemort comes a knocking, and a speech prepared for the day I get to say ‘I Told You So’…

Happy Blogging, Cheers for Reading,

L.J.Simms x

“I Will Kill You and Everyone You’ve ever Met…”

Maybe I should have stated earlier, I don’t ACTUALLY want to kill anyone…
It’s a quote from the NEW series of Vampire Diaries coming to ITV…oops!

Haha, Soooo now that awkward situation is over, you know the one where you started to read this thinking I was a Serial Killer, kind of hoping you had stumbled across something insane when actually I was just cleverly diverting your beautiful attention to my blog post about what I’ve been watching recently, call it a mega-review if you will, sit down make your self comfy, get a cuppa if you’re feeling cheeky and settle down for my TOP 5 [5*s*t*a*r*] programmes to watch this year.

Some may already be on TV and some may give you a bit of a wait, but hopefully you’ll enjoy my rundown…

-: UK vs. US :-


Now it’s not often that I watch a TV series, on  TV, at a time which it is technically specifically supposed to be viewed.    Being Human caught my intrigue when I was doing one of my late night WordPress Benders, and the advert for season 4 popped onto the telly.  Not since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, have I felt such excitement over a BBC channel at 9pm.  So before it came on I got myself seasons 1-3 and had a marathon weekend [needless to say YES I’M SINGLE! AND UNEMPLOYED! that’s where I get the time]
Being Human (UK) is one of those shows that truly captures that part of you that still believes in Halloween and Ghost stories, that part of you that loves to cry Bloody Mary into the mirror when your pissed and Watches slayer movies on Valentines, but it’s the quintessentially BRITISH comedy that turns that into pure genius!
In the inbetween between my marathon slog and the new season I caught a few episodes of the US version.  Now although I personally prefer American Series’ I found that again although amazing in it’s own right (I LOVE THE VAMPIRE MOTHER!!) I feel that its the good’ole Brit Sarcasm and Wit that just takes ours to another level!

UK ALL THE WAY [BBC3 9pm Sundays]
* * * * * – One To Watch

Proper Sunday Afternoon Action...


Ok, Ok, I know not everyone has SKY or VIRGIN or one of those better than average boxes that lets you watch this…that’s why I’m not going to tell you to search WatchSeries into that search engine called Google because I am NOT recommending you should watch them online EVER! because that is breaking the law!

On the other hand, if you have already seen Warehouse 13 or not, it offers to its viewers face paced, exciting, action packed and historically  intrigueing episodes that journey you through history searching for ‘artifacts’  Warehouse 13 already has numerous seasons but it’s return in I think March of this year (don’t quote me on that) is being highly anticipated in The Common Tarte household!

[SYFY Channel]
* * * * * – One To Look Out For!

Alphas Review

What Heroes Missed Out!


Alphas is one of those programmes, it harks back to the age old Superhero vs. the Government debate, and initially can seem very old hat.  “OH NO they can’t be ‘contained'” “The government are evil and want to experiment ahh!!” But, alphas provides it viewers with hard action.  There is simply no other way to put it, the powers are believeable, and highly creative, putting new spins on the average super-human powers showcased in show after show.  Alphas manages to do what Heroes couldn’t.  It lends itself to a character focused script instead of plot focused, which means its not hard to follow, its riveting to watch and it captures your attention every second.  My favourite character is Gary, actor Ryan Cartwright is PHENOMENOL!!! and Gary is one of those characters I could laugh and cry and fear for all in one episode! Top marks Alphas, catch up online with the first series and get ready for the Second coming later this year!

[SYFY Channel]
* * * * * – One To Keep In Mind

Misfits ReviewBest British SciFi/Comedy For Years!



Yes, I admit, I am a Misfits slut! I love nothing more than settling down, turning out the lights, having a cuppa and a smoke and AVIDLY watching the next installment of misfits.  So before the haters seep out of the ground, SEASON 3 rocked!  Maybe you had to get some polyfiller for the Robert Sheehan sized gap in the show, Joseph Gilgun came on and made his own massively awesome hole himself.  I did find that we didnt learn ENOUGH about his power, and I was left at times with a sense of confusion, but overall I think the team did an Amazing job of making up for the vacuum that was going to be Sheehan’s Departure, Here’s to season 4 this year, may it live long a prosper and keep us on the cusp of all that is politically not-so-correct!

* * * * * – One To Always Watch.

Homeland Review

Don't Judge This Book By It's Cover


Homeland, Homeland, Homeland, Award winning, All Star Cast, Impeccable writers and 5* All American Hollywood Production, can you tell that I loved this series yet?

Okay, Homeland starts on Channel4 this week, but I have been lucky enough to already have seen the first season.  I will try VERY hard not to add any spoilers!
Homeland is truly a show to be reckoned with.  CIA, Terrorism, Marines, Suicide Bombers, Infidelity, Mental Health and good old American Spirit.  Homeland brings a whole knew perspective to the Terrorism subject.  The premise is an American Marine POW has been turned and is working for Al Qaeda, then what happens? They find an American Marine POW!  The writing is insanely clever, and the cast are AMAZING there are faces from across the world of film and television including actors from Criminal Minds, V [2009] and even her dainty self Miss Claire Danes.  Now I have a pet peeve, and that is Miss Dane’s bottom lip,  I hated it in Romeo and Juliet when she wakes up but doesnt save Romeo!! anddddd I hate it in this when she cries [can’t tell you why, SPOILERS]  Apart from Miss Dane’s lower lip I loved homeland, it’s ability to keep you guessing til the very last second is truly GENIUS and I’d recommend to anyone that they tune in this week!

[Starts: Feb 19th, 9.30pm, Channel4]
* * * * * – ONE NOT TO MISS!

Well, that’s it for today kids! I hope you enjoy
any of the programmes I have listed today
and if you want to pose a counter review
I’d be happy to hear your thoughts 🙂

Cheers For Reading,

L.J x