That is one tasty looking basket right there!  This was the late night ASDA shopping that occurred with my best friend Wonder Woman.  It also needs to be stated that we were waiting at the make your own pizza counter when this picture was taken,  so add a large 18″ BBQ base chicken, pepperoni, mushroom and sweetcorn stuffed crust pizza to that basket and you have yourselves the perfect night in.

You know, I couldn’t live without Wonder Woman, we don’t see each other EVERY day, and we have our own separate lives, but when either of us really need each other the other one is always there, with a chocolate bar, a cuppa rosy-lea and a cuddle.  With us, friendship has no boxes, it has no boundaries, no guidelines that it must fulfill, it just exists.  We have been through the really tough times, and we have been through the amazing times, we started our friendship under the weirdest of circumstances and continue to surprise ourselves every time we see each other.  We understand the fundamental ticking of each others brain cogs and I would go as far as to say we know each other better than anyone else knows us.

Being with Wonder Woman alot recently got me to thinking…how is it that we work so well?  What is it that we do, that means our friendship has lasted this long, HOW DID we get through that…and HOW DID she put up with this…and WHY DID I allow that to happen and WHEN DID we start to grow old together?  I can’t start to imagine that I know the secret formula to a perfect friendship, because our friendship is far from perfect, we do have times where ‘If I’m Honest’ (private joke :P) we want to rip each others heads off and serve them for breakfast to the local duck pond, but you know what I wouldn’t trade her for anyone.  And, even though it is slightly childish and immature to say this, I would just like to say Wonder Woman?…BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

So I say to you, go find your best friend, go give them a cuddle, take them for a pint, and celebrate that you have made it through however long you have made it through, every minute counts in the year of the apocalypse!!

Cheers for Reading,

L.J x