The Future’s Bright, The Futures…APPLE!

I’m a Blackberry Owner.


It’s images like these that not only make me do a slight happy wee in my Tuesday Panties, but also make me sick with envy and desperate for my phone upgrade [still got 3 months to wait].

When I chose my Blackberry Curve 2 years ago [yes I’m that stupid] I thought to myself you know what, everyones got BBM, iPhones don’t have BBM, iPhones just have pretty games, I don’t need games, L.J can do business on Blackberry, L.J NO NEED IPHONE..

Update: I need an iPhone 😥

This is a concept design for the iPhone 5, and I have to say its a thing of beauty.  I’m loving the idea of the ergonomically designed casing, the brushed aluminium steel AND the integration of the glowing apple is something I’ve always wanted from an apple phone.  That quintessentially ‘APPLE’ icon of the delicate glowing forbidden fruit, like you have been handed the technology of the gods is what I have always felt the iPhone and iPod have missed out on.

These concept designs are by a chappy called Federico Ciccarese, and he has done some amazing work, so much so that I reckon his designs may be looked at by the bosses at be at Apple! They’d be crazy not to, his design for the AppleTV (iScreen) is phenomenal, a curved design again with integrated SIRI, how long will it be before we come home and our TV says ‘Awww hunnie, hard day at work?, here’s a violent slasher movie to put a smile on your face! pppssstt, spoiler alert, PARIS HILTON DIES’.

All these new inventions from Apple honestly have me chomping at the bit to upgrade to an iPhone in June, just to get on the ladder.  The only part of Apple I’ve ever invested in is my iPod and I wouldn’t leave home without it.  I think in 10 years time, Apple will honestly be the ones who teleport us to different worlds, Microsoft put simply, just aren’t cool enough!

Happy Blogging, Cheers for Reading.

L.J x