Well I just spilt Yoghurt all down my front!

You know those depressing moments, when you google your blog and realise you actually have no impact on the google search engine what so ever.  That awkward moment when you think your blog is totally amazeballs yet you don’t appear til page 2,000,000 of the results that google miraculously found in under a nanosecond…

Well my friends, today I may have had a slight orgasm when I found that my teeny tiny blog IS NUMBER FREAKING 4!!!! out of a kazillion links, my blog came up 4th! all beit underneath www.urbandictionary.com but none-the-less!!

Uber happy today, I am in the process of writing a bigger post later on so keep your eyes peeled, just wanted to say thank you to every person who has read my blog, you’ve made me a very happy tarte!

Happy Blogging, Cheers for Reading,

L.J x

I’m Truly Stunned…