This Bucket List thing is easier than expected…

I’m being a totally rubbish blogger.

I promised an explanation last time didn’t I?

Well I have accomplished something AGAIN on my bucket list.


I am here by making a promise to give you all 2 new posts this weekend as I will now be posting on the weekends only i’m afraid due to my now overwhelming and hectic schedule!!  Don’t panic I will be dedicating Saturday and Sunday mornings to my blogging as I deserve a slap on the wrist for the neglection I have been affecting you with!!

I have a book review (the first of it’s kind) coming up this Saturday and a new Interior Design trend post, making it’s way to you on Sunday!!

I may also have a Friday night update on the meditation, I think I’m going to start dedicating part of my lonely and let’s face it milding uneventful friday’s to discussing how I’m getting on with the meditation and any new techniques or songs I’ve started using.  I would love to hear anyone’s own relaxation techniques too!

Anyways I must be off, peace and love to all,

Happy Blogging, Cheers for Reading! x