The Who’s Who of TheCommonTarte Blog.

As you may or may not have noticed, I do not name any of my family or friends in my blog.  This is firstly because well they are all Superheros and Arch Nemesis villains, to name them all would be to reveal their secret identities so OBVIOUSLY, humanoid-muggle sidekick 101 states never reveal their secret identitiesssss!! Although get me an Ameretto Sour and I may let a couple slip! (shhh! crushed ice not cubed ;] ;]) So this is just little page where any extraneous details will be listed just so new readers will be able to catch up!

BATMAN – My little brother
ROBIN – His best mate No.1
POISON IVY – My big sister
THE THING – Best mate No.1
WONDER WOMAN – Best mate No.2
IRON MAN – Best mate No.3
MISTY KNIGHT – Best mate No.3
SUPERMAN – Lover/Friend/Brotha/Fiend
JADE LANTERN – My little sister

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